First Born Entertainment | BIO
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Founder Kamali Thompson humbly began his entertainment industry journey in Bronx, New York. Born in the same city as Hip Hop, Kamali attended the prestigious Harlem School of The Arts where he studied both the guitar and piano. First Born Music and Entertainment began as an independent consulting company helping friends who were fellow Hip Hop artists. After attempting a career as a recording artist, Kamali went on to receive a Bachelors of Science from Georgia State University. FBME then evolved into artist management, private event planning and model management. Currently, FBME also coordinates and corporately sponsors events with its subsidiary Variety 6 LLC. which is co-owned by flagship artist Zoey Clarke.


First Born Music and Entertainment’s current artist roster consist of 2 mainstream potential artists, Atlanta based EDM Artist/ DJ  Zoey Clarke and Seattle based Hip Hop Artist/ Breakdancer B-Boy Fidget. FBME staff includes 20 year music veteren Jay “Pop” Santiago and certified party rocker Sheldon “ Uncle Shelly “ Lunan. FBME is currently providing internship for more than half a dozen students and 20 male, female and child models. With adequate public relations, FBME will add 2 additional staffing positions to ensure a solid engine is running for all parties involved. In 2018 First Born Music and Entertainment will establish solid industry relationships and secure intellectual partnerships that will build both the label and
its artists.